As of yet, the inhabitants of EARTH has shown little or no interest in colonising the space, and thereby the planets, immediately surrounding the sun they are orbiting, let alone the space surrounding their solar system.

This has proven to be somewhat of an advantage to The Andromeda Gazette. Beaming the news and knowledge of EARTH to EARTH from DEEP SPACE. DEEP SPACE has yet to fall under the normal restrictions of censorship and grammar correction, most EARTH based print outlets will be affected by.

THEREFORE I, the editor-in-chief of 'The Gazette' (as we space cowboys casually will refer to it), want to make it absolutely clear that anybody involved with the making of 'The Gazette', isn't in the slightest interested in any "standards" or "bars" set, raised or lowered on or around EARTH.


No, for we are men of post-bop and ponderings, with sharp tongues and dim wits, we explore that ExtraTerrestrial realm of culture stuck in between times




Every truth you have been told...

is a lie